Friday, April 6, 2007

I've finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon, just in time for the biggest bandwagon season of all, the NHL playoffs. My intent is to focus mostly on the Ottawa Senators. Bear with me as I try to sort out the layout and design of this page.

Before I get things started, a treat in time for playoffs: Sens avatars. For those of you who frequent forums, show your support for the Sens by picking up a playoff avatar. This year's theme is "the Hunt 07". Thanks to everyone at for helping to choose the theme and design of the avatars.

Now, a little about myself. I've been a Senators fan since they came around in 1992, but I didn't start to follow them with any regularity until the 1996-97 season. I've been a huge fan since then, with my passion for the team renewed even further after the lockout. I like talking and writing about the Senators, so I'm hoping to streamline things here. I like to rant on so I might cross-post a few things from there to here and vice-versa. Hope someone gets some enjoyment out of this. Feel free to comment and challenge my opinions, discussion is always welcome. :)